Pam and Marc Saunders live with their family nestled on 14 timbered acres just west of Portland, surrounded by farmland in beautiful Oregon; where besides having several dogs, Marc also raises koi fish. Marc and Pam take their inspiration for functional art pieces by combining their love of dogs with the practical needs they experience as the owners of several Newfoundland, whose size creates many unique challenges for the people who share their lives.

Marc got his start in metalwork by making carts for Newfoundland fanciers and today carts made by Marc are used by Draft Dogs all over the country. Marc's carts are both lightweight enough to handle tricky maneuvering courses at NCA Draft Tests, and sturdy enough to tote countless children at summer camps, parades and school visits.

After carts, Marc began building grooming tables for giant breed dogs. Given their large size, these dogs cannot be lifted and groomed on standard grooming tables that are commercially available. Marc's tables are made to order to the height specification of the owner, and have a larger surface area than the standard table, providing ease of entry for the dog, and back pain relief for the owner. All of the grooming tables are coated with a waterproof, nonslip surface to provide many years of safe footing for your dog.

Pam and Marc began collaborating on pieces several years ago, combining Pam's creativity and eye for practical art with Marc's skills in metalcraft. Gossamer art pieces have been coveted trophies at dog shows, and have graced the homes and yards of many breed fanciers in the Pacific Northwest.


We are thrilled to be able to bring the functional artwork of Gossamer design to a wider audience and hope you enjoy your visit to our site.